Heather's Story

The Gist


Hello Hot Dogs and Health Potions reader, and fellow vitality-improver! To you I offer the highest of welcomes. My name is Heather Kennedy (also known as Mo), I’m 25 years old and am an avid devourer of all things magical within the plant kingdom. As a child I had a natural interest and passion for growing things and marvelled at how plants came into being and grew into food. In adulthood this became an interest in knowing the properties of plants, how they can benefit our health, and how best to prepare them for optimal nutrient absorption.

I have read and studied an enormous amount on the subject over the years through my own love and curiosity. I continue to learn in the garden and kitchen as well, by growing as much of my own food as possible and cooking up my own health potions for my family. 

Through the power of plants I changed my mindset from a dark crevice in which I wallowed and cringed through each day to a vibrant beautiful place full of opportunity, magic and power. Its through plants that I shifted my own psychological patterns and paved the way for the Universe to give me the life I longed for. This is the magic that I want to share with those who are in the same place now that I was back then. If it sounds too ‘mystical’ so far and you’re not a mystical person - don’t be put off. This isn’t about taking a huge leap of faith, this is about nourishing your body with natural food as much as you can and seeing the emotional and mental changes for yourself. 

While I’m very proud of being vegan I won’t talk about it much here because I want to normalise eating lots of plants without alienating those who don’t follow the same lifestyle. What I WILL say is, whether we like it or not there is a natural order to the food chain and to eat animals and their by-products has been necessary for our survival since the dawn of time. Done with respect and love - and out of necessity - I don’t believe there is anything wrong with non-vegetarianism. However, the natural rhythms have been utterly desecrated and what we have done to our fellow beings, our Earth, and to each other is an absolute abomination. This is why I personally turned my back on the meat and dairy industry forever as soon as I uncovered the truth for myself. Sensitive as a child, I always wanted to love and not harm animals right from the beginning. Veganism is my natural state. But I understand for others that it isn’t, and that is fine by me. 

The Transformation


Today my life consists of lots of superfoods, vegetables, kombucha and then of course a hot dog here and there, but it hasn't always been this way. As a teenager I was very overweight, unhealthy and depressed. Those desperate years are important because they are the seed from which grew my now deep-rooted and ever-present sense of peace. Anybody who chooses to go down the path of self-healing will find their highest strength wrapped up in their deepest pain. 

I tried every diet and way of eating you can imagine - counting calories, counting macros, low carb, high carb, food combining and mono meals to name just a few - some of it worked, some of it didn’t, none was a sustainable way of eating because life gets stressful and there were too many rules. At my most unhealthy I was over 10 stone (I’m of average/short height) and at my thinnest I was heading towards 5 stone. I dropped 60lb in about a year through aggressive bulimic behaviour. Luckily I wasn’t left with any skin issues but my mind was even more damaged than before. At my most depressed, I was hospitalised three times in one year with lacerations to the wrists - from which I still carry the scars today and will sadly have to explain to my son in a few years time. The moral of my story is, when I fed my pain plants everything began to heal - inside and out. It was my transition into veganism that was the catalyst to my miraculous change. 

As soon as I started eating plants everything started to transform - my body yes, slowly and naturally. I realised the more raw vegetables and fruit I ate especially, the more amazing I felt and looked, although I hardly go a day without eating a decent helping of cooked potatoes! 

It was in my mind and heart that the biggest upheaval took place, and from there life began to lose its bleakness. I gradually began to enjoy the feeling of health the plants were giving me and for the first time in my life I was grateful for something as simple as my food. 

I have bloomed into an empowered butterfly who can outshine any negativity that tries to come her way - and that’s my spiritual food revolution! 

I’m still on my journey and it’s certainly not easy for me to keep up a clean diet 100% of the time, and so I found a good in-between. And here we are. Being gentle on myself and living this way ultimately helped me to find the magic deep within my soul, and I passionately believe it can help others who are lost and struggling too. 

The Start of Something Beautiful


We wanted to create a place where others who are starting on their health journey can come back to time and time again and always find motivation and inspiration. We made this website for those who are at their wits end and have spent days and days, weeks and weeks, months and months waking up each morning and considering suicide, and for those teenagers who have never been encouraged by their parents to be active and eat well and so feel very self-conscious about even starting to exercise or eat healthily, and for any gentle loner who feels abandoned and stuck, who has a good heart and a strong mind but is too afraid to speak it. We are your family and you are never alone. I hope the information and wisdom we pass on here, as well as our own experiences, can help somebody, even the smallest bit. Eating more plants absolutely changed my life and got me away from the brink of suicide. It is not acceptable, either, to wake up every morning immediately aware of your body and feeling upset because of it, so for anybody needing to heal their relationship with their body - which starts with their relationship with THEMSELVES - i hope you can find information here that can help with that too. For anybody that is already well on their way down the health and well-being path, or just taking their first steps (welcome aboard) we hope what we're doing here can act as a motivator and provide interesting information you may not have heard of, which you can incorporate into your lifestyle in the way that we vitality-improvers love to do! Our mission with Hot Dogs and Health Potions is to provide useful information for those looking for it that could help them to make better choices and feel better. We are no longer animals living in the wilderness hunting for food and foraging mushrooms (although i do love a good forage) - we live in comfortable houses with central heating, with cars and jobs to go to and children to raise.We're not supposed to be thin, muscly and extremely fit unless that's our love and purpose. For most of us, being healthy works just as well with a bit of wobble. Tony and I have found a lifestyle that works so well for us that we want to share it with anybody we can. It happened like this - in plants we found health, and from that came understanding, and then forgiveness, and then came compassion. Compassion is the heartbeat of the universe and the pulse in every bright and happy life. When you live with compassion you live in peace, and peace is what we found. That is something worth sharing! YOU are beautiful and you can reach your full potential - the world is your oyster!

Tony's Story

The Gist


Hello and welcome to Hot Dogs and Health Potions! I'm Tony Henderson, the hot dog side of the website - because I sell the hot dogs! Jumbo gourmet vegan ones to be exact. We give vegans and vegetarians (and anyone interested by the idea) a new and healthier warm food option to enjoy, not to mention those with health-related or religious restrictions.

So lets start with me. I haven't always cared about what’s good for us, what’s wrong with the world and what we can do individually to help humanity - I loved any tasty food I came into contact with and didn’t care where it came from - as a result I got ill A LOT and had weight issues. I take my share of responsibility for that, but also know that 'society' and all of its craziness had its part to play for making it so easy to fall into that trap. Lets not let them trap us like that anymore. 

We believe some of the biggest problems our society has can be found in the lack of education, and the lack of availability. With our website we aim to provide productive information about food and health for anyone who wishes to read it, because it is our responsibility as a species to help and to educate our fellow man. 

With our hot dogs we aim to provide a healthier alternative that tastes so good people won't even notice. Its difficult to get out of the trap and stop eating yourself into depression, and with Hot Dogs and Health Potions we believe we've found a formula that could help many people to make better choices. 

Let’s make some changes individually, and together we will change our society and the world.

The Transformation


I believed everything the mainstream media, meat and dairy industries tell us to get us to consume more, until I woke up and decided to look deeper into the reality of what is going on in our world for myself. I look back and remember the documentary 'Earthlings' being a huge catalyst for my dietary and lifestyle change and ever since then I haven’t looked back. I was harming myself, the animals and the world around me and it didn’t make sense to continue on. It led me on a path to discover the truths of why the world is being run the way it is and it all started with learning about food. After everything I learned, I transitioned into a fully vegan diet and very quickly my energy saw a huge upturn, my mind was clearer, my illnesses disappeared and I was starting to really feel who I was truly meant to be. I was a lot more in tune with myself, my own intuition and my instincts. I could not carry on with my old life and how I felt, I quit the dead-end job I was in to follow my purpose and my passion. I became more involved with what’s being termed 'the great awakening' and with Hot Dogs and Health Potions it is mine and Heathers intention to spread the word and to connect with anyone who is ready to listen. 

The Start of Something Exciting


We'd like to share our stories and experience in the hopes that whether you're vegan or not, it might just start or continue to lead you down a more positive path for yourself and the planet. When we started out it was difficult to find a place like this to come to again and again online because most of what we found out there were blogs that focused on only one particular area. We want to provide something more for anyone who's interested and searching. And from my side of it, it’s to provide an alternative 'fast food' option, a healthier hot dog choice and more of a choice for the vegan community. Give the hot dogs a go, read the blog whenever you get a chance and try something different and see how you feel and where it takes you. We want to share what we know to anyone looking for or stumbling on the answers and information. Because if we all get to work on our own inner peace, world peace will soon follow, so the quicker we get there the better! Feel free to say hi and send us a message or stop by the cart!