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Hi, I'm Tony, the 'man' part of The Vegan Hotdog Man! A family-run business, we're all about jumbo vegan-only hot dogs, sold from a traditional style hot dog cart! We're the first of its kind in the U.K.

Based in the South of England, we can be found on Winchester high-street every Wednesday, at Reading university every Thursday and Chow market Reading every Friday! We are available for private event hire, weddings, festivals, and can be found at events all over the country all throughout the year. 

All our vegan hot dog info can be found on this page, have a gander! 

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About Us

It’s All About Taste


Growing up in a half-German household, sausages were a favourite in our kitchen and when I became vegan I needed to find some that taste just as good as the ones I grew up with. Our vegan sausages are sourced from the experts in Germany and hit the spot with their smoked beechwood flavour! These are not your standard hot dogs! No palm oil is used in any of our ingredients, our seitan vegan hotdogs are 100% organic as are our specially-made organic white and wholemeal hotdog rolls.

High Quality Ingredients


We have only delicious plant-based toppings available, which include fresh vegetables chopped on site, delicious pickled options, tasty sauces, and of course the ever-popular 'Mo’s home chilli'. Seriously, you've got to try it! Made with two types of beans, ancient grain bulgur wheat, no oil and no sugar, it is incredibly nutritious. Our focus is on delivering a healthy fast food option without affecting the taste - we take what is called 'the dirty dozen' very seriously and only ever use the ORGANIC versions of ingredients within that list on our hotdogs, and the rest we source oragnic where available. 

Eco Friendly and Sustainable


We are an environmentally-conscious company - all of our packaging is recycled and we encourage our customers to recycle it again, we use only biodegradable washing liquids and cleaning products and we buy as many of our vegetable toppings from local farmers as possible, opting for seasonal produce where available for our weekly Dog of the Day. Our organic rolls are made especially for us by a small local bakery too!

Our Drinks


Remedy Kombucha

Kombucha is sparkling fermented tea and has been enjoyed for thousands of years! It's a probiotic, which means it contains good bacteria to help build a stronger body and mind. All you need to do is drink it and then feed it with PREbiotics in the form of fibre, so its the perfect companion to our vegetable-laden hotdogs! You can completely overhaul your state of health by building a stronger gut microbiome through the use of prebiotic and probiotic food and drink. Our kombucha is from Remedy, who use 100% organic ingredients and brew for 30 days - ensuring a quality product every time! We have two delicious flavours - Ginger Berry and Cherry Plum. Remedy kombucha is supported by I Quit Sugar.


Karma Cola

Another great drinks company, Karma Cola are the suppliers of our fizzy canned drinks. After discovering that the communities of Sierra Leone - where the cola nut, used for making cola, originally comes from - don't earn a single penny of the money that comes from the huge sale of cola around the world, the Karma Cola Foundation was brought into being and the delicious cola drink Karma Cola was made. It contains only fairtrade and organic ingredients - which we think is amazing! We also sell their delicious Gingerella gingerale and Lemony Lemonade.

We're always on the look-out for new partnership opportunities so if you'd like to work with us and our vegan hot dogs please send us a message! You can find our contact form below.


Please let us know of any allergies or intolerances when ordering

Behind The Scenes



My beautiful Heather (with a little help from our son Hazel!) is the artiste behind our chalkboards and the creative master of our company. She has enjoyed art since childhood, although is very modest about her talents!

Look out for her Hot Dogs and Health Potions T-shirt designs, based around compassion and positivity, coming soon!



We are sponsored by Fluecraft, a small and local company specialising in chimney installations and flues. A team of various skill-sets including construction workers and gas engineers, they manufactured our hot dog cart, performed safety checks for our catering equipment and are always on-call for when we need them. 

Good guys!




Our bright yellow VW T4 - named Chickpea - is our trusty mode of transport! We are currently converting him into a camper and he is responsible for getting us and the vegan hot dogs to where we need to go!

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and expand our business from one hotdog cart to many, and help pave the way for creating a donations-based volunteer retreat, where anybody and everybody can come to heal, learn and sit in peace. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

Thank you to everybody who has donated so far!

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