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Here you will find the official page of The Vegan Hot Dog Man, and the Health Potions blog!

Who We Are


On one side, this is the spiritual food revolution. On the other, it’s all about (vegan) hot dogs and enjoying the best of comfort food. A ‘yin-yang’ food partnership, we bring together beautiful plants that nourish all aspects of our Selves and help bring clarity of mind so we can experience deeper Awareness, while also honouring the necessity of comfort and convenience in this modern world with our healthy hot dog recipes. It’s all about balance. We're just two hopeful travellers-through-time on the same strange journey as everyone else, who realised that by adding in lots of plants to our diets our lives became magical! We want to share our journey in trying to clear our karma, heal our bodies, and learning to live more in tune with nature, while having some discussions about the big questions along the way. Nutrition and spirituality-based productivity and positivity - in an easy-going, hotdoggy kind of way.

What We Do


Our purpose with Hot Dogs and Health Potions is to blend both a creative online space with a practical, physical stepping-stone (our blog and our hot dogs!) to help those who need a hand getting onto the productivity-train - without being strict and pushy about it. Our core philosophy is that eating more plants leads to greater health, which leads to Awareness, which leads to being able to undo significant negative life patterns.

We hope to inspire a passion for eating well in as many people as we can, while advocating a ‘no rules’ lifestyle. We believe inner peace is found through what you put on your plate, but that doesn't stop

at kale salads and ginseng tea! 

 The Vegan Hot Dog Man is Britain’s first traditional hot dog cart, selling seriously delicious and cruelty-free hot dogs. Made from organic seitan, they are high in protein (over 30g!), have zero cholesterol and contain no palm oil.  With a big selection of nutritious plant-based toppings our hot dogs are a feast and no mere snack. Now as far as comfort food goes, you can’t get better than that can you! Guilt-free and delicious. Check out the ‘Hot Dogs’ section to find out more.

The Message


Transformation through plants while honouring the necessity of lazy food! For us, it’s about going easy on ourselves, and normalising a life that is in-between the extremes of food cultures throughout the world. On our own journeys, we found great help in surrounding ourselves with inspirational content, and so wanted to create a 'relaxed and inspired' online presence for our hot dog company. Love yourself any way that’s easiest for you in this crazy life - that’s our message. We have taken the humble hot dog and created the healthiest, most conscious possible version we could think of to help those who are taking their first steps towards better choices - and they're bloody delicious! Our blog is a reflection of the things we ourselves have found useful along the way, and we don’t want anything in return - we just want to share the love, the healing, and the sense of family because we are all One and we’ve got to have each other’s back.

Contact Us

If you would like to book The Vegan Hot Dog Man and his cart, or have any questions, comments or suggestions at all, please contact us below. We would love to hear from you!

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and expand our business from one hotdog cart to many, and help pave the way for creating a donations-based volunteer retreat, where anybody and everybody can come to heal, learn and sit in peace. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

Thank you to everybody who has donated so far!

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